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joysterlicious [userpic]

For Karnythia

January 23rd, 2009 (08:56 pm)

current mood: impressed

I came across this link, and immediately thought about you.


I got to say, I do think she rocked that hat, as over the top as it is to my subtle Canadian senses. But hell, if you're going to be a Queen, you might as well be over the top, and I only hope when I get to that age, I will have raked up enough accomplishment and sense of self that I could rock a hat like that.

joysterlicious [userpic]

How the hell to stay positive?

January 3rd, 2009 (11:35 pm)

current mood: depressed

I try and work really hard to keep my pessimistic tendencies under control. All through the silly season, I've been pretty much a media no fly zone because I've been so busy. So catching up on the news has not been a great thing. I'm really getting bummed out at all the people who are so willing to forsake someone's life for what? Land? Territory and all the bragging rights that goes with it? Religion? Control? Control of what really? Is it that important?

I know it's far more complex, but right now, I'm feeling it's just one big giant pissing contest, and it's not worth it. I have seen such ugliness on the forums in the past few days about the whole Israel/Palestine issue. People basically dismissing the lives of children, babies for this violence and justifying it. Make no mistake, I love Canada and I feel it's my home, but I'd sooner pack up and leave than getting to a point where I don't give a rats ass about killing someone innocent. I don't understand how people can live with such hatred in their hearts. Granted, I haven't lived in as horrible a place.

But there are many people who have gone through unspeakable horrors and still come out with the ideal that justice needn't be horribly violent. What differentiates these people? When I get all wonky and spiritual, I sometimes think that those people are messengers from the being up in the sky. They are sent to remind us of forgiveness, justice, dignity, grace, wisdom. We've had so many of these examples in this lifetime, and I have to say, we are ignoring them big time.

I saw a post today that implored people to think of the lives of people on one side lost. I told them that I'd be thinking the lives of countless lost on both sides and hope that those responsible will get theirs in this life or the next (BTW, I'm not speaking in terms of violence, I just hope they come to the realization that their actions have ended the lives of many and whatever shred of humanity is left in them will make it very hard for them to sleep for the duration of their lives). This was met by just vile things about the other side. I was shocked, I've never seen anything online so disgusting about another group of people and the blatent disregard for them as humans and I've seen some vile nasty shite!

Anyhow, as if that weren't enough, this is really just a drop in the bucket for the millions of other shitty things going on in the world. Violence one on one, genocides, hello Sudan? People being neglected en masse, left to starve and die of perfectly treatable diseases. I'm a downer eh? I'm sorry, I'm just feeling really depressed thinking of the state of the world. It's a new year and I should be rallying my positivity, but I'm at the point where I feel like crying for everyone. Hopefully tomorrow I can be at a point where my energy levels are better and I can rally my pissy-ness to contribute in some small way.

joysterlicious [userpic]

More on nursing in the pool

November 16th, 2008 (01:18 pm)

If you're in Ontario and pay attention to the news, you've likely heard of this.

Well it's turned into a big brouhaha

Mom is denied her right to breastfeed child in public right? No, I don't think so. Depending on which side of the story you believe, or if you believe the earlier accounts from the mother which coincided with the pool owner asking her to move to the observation lounge, she was asked to move out of the pool onto another part of the deck. Now I can understand this can be a drag having set up, gotten comfortable on the steps and finally got your cranky toddler quieted down, but the pool owner is in a rock and hard place and I just see myself in that mother's shoes and not having a cow about it.

From the time I was a wee little lass growing up in Regent Park we'd spend our summers in the pool. I'm part fish, I love to swim, I do it every week, I have a pool. The number one rule for everyone was NO FOOD. That rule has since relaxed to allow water in the pool. The next rule although totally uninforcable was WAIT AN HOUR AFTER EATING. This too has been relaxed to 1/2 hour. Why? Because kids with full bellies and jumping around in moving water tend to bring up their goldfish crackers.

Now people have been fighting yours truly included, for the right to breastfeed anywhere and everywhere based on the fact that mother's milk was a precious food matched by no other. Food being the word. This is indeed food, it's not a bodily fluid that needs to be relegated to the washrooms or somewhere private. But at the same time, there are places where there is no food and drink allowed. You wouldn't go into a big giant server room to nurse your kid would you? I don't know about the rest of you, but when I let down, I sprayed, last thing I want to do is spray in a big room filled with expensive machines, especially if it was responsible for my internet connection. You would move over five steps so you didn't have to nurse in front of a fire hall.

We have the issue of a mom with a cranky toddler, who still wanted to chat with her friends and stay in the warm pool, who sat on the stairs (don't get me started on that one) high enough for her upper torso to be removed from that warm water-which to me is pointless, because I'd be freezing anyhow, and a pool owner asking her to refrain from feeding her baby in the pool. According to earlier articles, mom and pool owner agreed that she was asked to move to the observation lounge, where typically food is allowed.

Guys, we can't have this both ways, it's either food or it isn't, and frankly, I'd rather have to drag my tired behind out of the pool to a chair, wrap myself and toddler up in a towel and feed baby, than have it classified as anything else.

Food is not allowed in pools, plain and simple, it's against the law and a pool owner needs to be accountable to that. I'm not adverse to swimming in a pool of breast milk, but I am to crackers and Baby Mum Mums and formula, because if you're allowed to feed your cranky baby in the water, so am I. Anyone care to swim in a pool filled with Cheerios?

The right to breastfeed anywhere is there to protect us from people who have the minutely rare disease of having their corneas scorched be seeing a little boob.

"Sometimes women are discouraged by others from breastfeeding in public because of concerns that it is indecent. Breastfeeding is really a health issue and not one of public decency." (Ontario Human Rights Commission, policy)

"You have rights as a nursing mother. For example, you have rights to breastfeed your child in public areas. No one should prevent you from nursing your child simply because you are in a public area. They should not ask you to "cover up" or disturb you, or ask you to move to an area that is more "discreet". (Ontario Human Rights Commission, website)

No where does it say that you are allowed to nurse in places that have no food or drink laws set out by the government. One is not allowed to nurse in front of a fire hall, or pull into a disabled spot because it is the last one and your kid needs to feed. This code does not trump other laws to make us more special. Equality does not mean that we are exempt from the laws of this land, it means that they apply to us equally and we need to follow them equally.

And no where is it even remotely indicated that the pool owner was asking her to cover up or move because of discretionary issues.

It's not there for us to expect special rights from the rules designed to protect/make life easier for the public at large. Yes, breastfeeding is so simple, so pure, so wonderful, but it's a slippery slope and why should the pool owner open herself up to all sorts of criticism and complaints and possibly fines for bending the laws set out by the province for someone who doesn't want to move a few feet over?

Yes it sucks royally to be separated from your conversation with your mom friends when your kid is being cranky, but guess what? That's parenthood. Sometimes they can be soothed by a little boob, sometimes they need to be carried to a quiet place, sometimes they need to go home.

I think this is a mega mountain from a molehill. I guess I can just appreciate the pool owner's point of view that food doesn't belong in the pool. Having been in several pools at the time of a kid fouling them by bringing up snacks, lunches, breakfasts of various sorts, might do that to a person. I certainly don't think this is a human rights issue since this isn't about propiety, it's about keeping the pool clean in this instance and long term for everyone's enjoyment and that isn't such a bad thing. Judging by plenty of responses I've seen, even on Lactivist forums at Mothering, I'm not alone in this.

Another interesting blog on the topic.


joysterlicious [userpic]


November 12th, 2008 (08:27 pm)

I'm all for breastfeeding where you want, when you want. This woman decided to nurse in a pool, which then the owner asked her to get out of the water and nurse. I'm sure in some way, nursing in the water skirts the issue of bodily fluids in the pool water. While I'm not really grossed out by breastmilk being in my swimming water, since it can contain various diseases (even though they are usually killed pretty efficiently by chlorine) I'm sure by the letter of the law, an argument could be made against it.

What does gross me out is the fact that she's encouraging the baby to eat in the pool. Now I'm under no illusions that kids are probably sucking back a tonne of water, particularly older ones, and god knows in my aquafit class, I get a mouthful now and again. But I'm sure as hell not doing it on purpose, and when I'm running around with my kids at least 36-48 months old and under, I'm trying to keep their heads and mouths above water. And what is my problem with water? Well about the seventy million people who are in it. Yeah, yeah, chlorine, but still, that's not enough to make me feel happy about feeding my kid in the same water, from my boob that has been immersed in that water for some time, water that has people who I'm sure do not follow the same standards of clean I would prefer. Pee, swim diapers that don't really hold shit in (no pun intended) sweaty people, people with scabs and bandaids falling off, the random kid who upchucks a little in the pool because mom/dad broke the cardinal rule of waiting an hour before swimming and goes undetected by lifeguards (I've seen it happen). Really, I know it sucks to leave your buddies, but come on, get out of the pool, put the baby in the stroller or what have you, hit the shower, get some soap, wash off your boob, wrap the baby in a towel, go sit on the deck, talk with your buddies, nurse your baby, get back in the water when you're done.


I know, in the broader sense, it's a weird take on the issue, but I can't help it, I just see nursing in the pool and I'm ready to toss my cookies, but not for the reasons one would expect.

joysterlicious [userpic]

Post election analysis

November 7th, 2008 (01:37 pm)

Okay, I'm late, shoot me, I have two kids, but on the plus side it's allowed the dust to settle and I get to see some truly interesting comments.

I guess the one bugging me the most is assertions largely from white people that Obama isn't black enough.........*long pause*........*lots of blinking*.......*scratching my head*.........okay, I don't get it. Who the heck are these folks to say that Obama isn't black enough?

I heard one comment saying something to the effect that his skin colour is black, but his mind is pure white. The person when called on this comment then changed it to experiences are pure white. This was hard for me to hear because this comes from a elder online friend whom I've respected for many a year. She's pissed at me because I've countered these remarks, and although anyone else would have gotten a good solid blasting that only I can deliver, I've pointed out that the man was hardly born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I really don't know where she is coming from on this, so I can't say these thoughts are her own, but I really wonder what makes his experience or mind white? The fact that he's educated? The fact that he didn't grow up in a ghetto? The fact that he lives in a decent house? The fact that he can't dance worth a lick (and yes, I did hear another comment about his dancing and his whiteness). Really people WTF? You know, not every black person is sitting on the corner listing to gangsta rap. There are black people who live and grow up in surburbs. There are black people who go to university, become lawyers and doctors and veterinarians. Yes, racism does put up all sorts of road blocks so our numbers are fewer than they should be, but the black experience does include that of successful black people.

I was hanging out with a friend not so long ago from back home (aka the inner city community I grew up in), she was teasing me about being "bougie" (which for those who don't know is slang for coming into money and getting all high and mighty-coming from the word bourgeois) anyhow, I was taking her ribbing, and we went to a restaurant to have lunch and while we were trying to get service in the "please wait to be seated" line, we were passed up and over many times. Anyhow, she looks to me and says "Even with all your money, you're still a nigga." I was annoyed at the time, but I had to crack up, we went to another restaurant. Anyhow, this experience is on my mind because for all of Obama's opportunities and chances in life which he seized, he has still lived in the same colour skin as many people, that would have folks clutching their purses, policemen checking their computers and security guards taking a good long hard look.

The man has never presented himself as some superhuman character with the ability to empathise with anyone and everyone and have the exact same experience. But he has grown up in a country, during years where it wasn't all so great to be black. He has fought racism in these past how many months because of his name, his colour, the fact that his father is friggin Kenyan. He has had to work and scrabble and put in 200% just like every other black person who is successful because no one is willing to look the other way if he has a transgression of some sort, if he divorces his wife, gets angry, choses a moron for a VP. He may have had more opportunities than other black people, but he is still black in a country with a hell of a lot of racists.

To say that someone isn't black enough or acts white or doesn't have the black experience, they're pigeonholing what is the black experience, and I've got news for the whites who think they know what that is...they're lightyears off the mark!

My next rant....yeah, I got a few, go get a tea, is a rant I've seen on a lot of blogs, email lists, places for people of colour. And that is the bashing blacks are taking regarding Proposition 8. There are a lot of much better posts written on the subject than mine, so I will try to be briefer, but the simple fact is the numbers. I've been doing some crunching, and granted I failed math epicly,  based on percentages (presuming everyone voted) it would seem that about 1.4 million blacks voted for Proposition 8. Some 13 million whites did as well. Now not everyone voted, but taking the population and the percentages of races, you can see that about 10 times the amount of white people voted for prop 8 than black people. Now I understand with that ever so scientific polling (I hope you can tell the sarcasm) that the percentage is higher, but excuse me, you feel let down by the black community??? 10 times the amount of whites voted for Prop 8 and no one is saying boo? Yep, those blacks may have tipped the scales, but guess what? There was about 3 tonnes of white yes votes on them already. Point the finger at people of all colours and if you think (Dan Savage) that you're going to build any bridges and close any gaps this way, you're crazy!  This is scapegoating, Jacques fucking Parizeau again.

In most of the counties in California there was a yes on Prop 8, which is absolutely shameful, but there is no friggin way that blacks could be responsible for that. Breakdown by counties

Almeda No 62%, 13.7% blacks, 56.9% white
Alpine No 56%, .7% blacks, 73.4%
Amador Yes 64%, 3.9% blacks, 90.6% white
Butte Yes 57%, 1.6% blacks, 89% white
Calversas Yes 63%,  .09% blacks, 93.2% white
Colusa Yes 72%, 1.0% blacks, 92.2% white
Contra Costa No 55%, 9.5% blacks, 72.4% white
Del Norte Yes 60%, 4.5% blacks, 82.4% white
El Dorado Yes 59%, 1.0% blacks, 91.1% white
Fresno Yes 69%, 5.7% blacks, 81.4% white
Glenn Yes73%, .7% blacks, 91.7% white
Humbolt No 60%, 1.1% blacks, 86.7% white
Imperial Yes 70%, 4.3% blacks, 90%white
Inyo Yes 60%, .3% blacks, 84.3% white
Kern Yes 75%, 6.3% blacks, 85.7 w3.7hite
Kings Yes 74%, 8.3% blacks, 84.1% white
Lake Yes 53%, 2.3% blacks, 90.5% white
Lassen Yes 71%, 9.4% blacks, 83.2% white
Los Angeles Yes 50% 9.6% blacks 74.2% white
Madera Yes 73% 4.4% blacks, 88.1% white
Marin No 75%, 3% black 88.4% white
Mariposa Yes, 62%, 1.1% black, 90.9% white
Mendocino No 62%, .8% black, 89.4% white
Merced Yes 71%, 4.1% black, 85.4%
Modoc Yes 74%, .8% black, 91.5% white
Mono No 56%, .8% black, 92.8% white
Monterey No 52%, 3.7% blac, 85.2% white
Napa No 55%, 2.0% black, 88.5% white
Nevada Yes 51%, .5% black, 95% white
Orange Yes 57%, 1.9% black, 78.8% white
Placer Yes 60%,  1.5% black, 89.5% white
Plumas Yes 60%, .9% black, 93% white
Riverside Yes 64%, 6.6% black, 84% white
Sacramento Yes 54%, 10.5% black, 69.5% white
San Benito Yes 55%, 1.3% black, 91.1% white
San Bernadino Yes 67%, 9.4% black, 80% white
San Diego Yes 54%, 5.5% black, 79.8% white
San Francisco No 76%, 7.2% black, 57.1% white
San Joaquin Yes 65%, 8.0% black, 72.7% white
San  Luis Obispo Yes 51%, 2.1% black, 91% white
San Mateo No 62%, 3.3% black, 68.2% white
Santa Barbara No 53%, 2.3% black, 89% white
Santa Clara No 56%, 2.8% black, 63% white
Santa Cruz No 71%, 1.2% black, 90.5% white
Shasta Yes 70%, 1.0% black, 90.7% white
Sierra Yes 64%, .5% black, 95.3% white
Siskiyou Yes 60%, 1.3% black, 89.8% white
Solano Yes 56%, 15.4% black, 63.9% white
Sonoma No 66%, 1.7% black, 89.9% white
Stanislaus Yes 68%, 3.2% black, 86.9% white
Sutter Yes 71%, 2.4% black, 80.4% white
Tehama Yes 73%, .8% black, 93.2% white
Trinity Yes 56%, .5% black, 90% white
Tulare Yes 75%, 2% black, 90.8% white
Tuolumne Yes 63%, 2.3% black, 91.8% white
Ventura Yes 53%,  2.1% black, 87.5%
Yolo No 58%, 2.7% black, 80.7%
Yuba Yes 68%, 3.2% black, 80.2%

The voting results are courtesy of CNN, the census stats are courtesy of US census. First of all, this tells me that there are a hell of a lot of white people in California, next it tells me that in many of the counties were there is a strong vote in favour of Prop 8, there are a hell of a lot of white people and not a lot of black people, and look! In some of the counties that have no, there is a decent showing of black people. Imagine that!

No one isn't saying that there isn't homophobia in the black community and I know plenty of blacks and people of colour (yours truly included) who haven't struggled with it, but guess what? There is just as much homophobia outside of the black community and it's suddenly being glossed over to point the finger at blacks. Let me just remind you, that in every other state where there was anti gay legislation, whites were more in favour of it than blacks. Anyhow, as someone who has supported and fought for rights of all human beings, this is deflating. To cheer on people through email and phone calls, to write letters and make donations, all to have those efforts defeated is disappointing enough. To have then people turn around and point the finger at me and people like me for those efforts failing really sucks. Next time, try some outreach to people of colour, show them in your ads, go to their homes, communities, places of worship, engage them in meetings and meaningful discussions. If you're not going to do that and then play the blame game afterwards, you're not going to get that support at all.

Anyhow, a lot longer than I intended, but it feels mighty good to get that off my chest!

joysterlicious [userpic]

Well here's a first

November 5th, 2008 (01:59 am)

current mood: excited

I really need to hit the hay, but I'm speechless. I'm stunned, I'm amazed, I am so unbelievably happy. Congratulations America, you have made an amazing choice for your leader. You are sending a message to the world that you are ready to heal, you want to move forward, that you are interested in peace and for the well being of your own and abroad. I can assure you that the bulk of Canada is heaving  big sigh of relief and shedding a few tears with you...and some of us are a little jealous *G*

On a personal note, I am half American, thanks to my dad it's not something I've ever paraded too loudly, although I have been influenced by many friends and family from the southern part of the continent. I can't say I've ever been proud of that lineage, but tonight I am feeling a certain swelling in the chest. ;) My family and friends have been feeling hope for the first time in the better part of 8 years that their lives and country is going to take a step forward, and that step has been solidified and I am happy for all the Americans who cry tears of joy. I am smiling towards those disappointed like John McCain, but are showing grace in their loss. And for those who aren't showing grace, well, that is your loss, your country will need your help and will be headed in a great direction. I'd advise you to get on board.

I wish the continued wisdom, grace, tenacity, compassion and vision to Barack Obama that he has had throughout his campaign in leading the USA into a new era. Slainte!

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Baby killing and war

November 1st, 2008 (08:21 pm)

current mood: angry

I was watching this video. I didn't get very far. Once I saw pictures of the dead infant, I stopped and started crying. So I'm pretty pissed and emotionally upset, because I think of my own dear children and can't imagine them going through the pain and suffering of these sweet babies.

I don't have a say on how the US election goes, but I have to say that I am sick to death of people defending their choice for McCain/Palin by saying they are pro life. BULLSHIT! It's either bullshit, or you're a bunch of racists who think that somehow cute little American babies should have a right to life, but Iraqi babies need to die. Yeah yeah, casualty of war, but you know what? There needn't be a fucking war anymore. Yes, you need to help the region and dammit, by all means defend yourself, but fuck, the amount of Iraqi casualties is nearing the amount of people who died in Rwanda...Know what that was called? Genocide. There are people dying all over the world, women, men, children, babies. But there is no need anymore to inflict this kind of madness on innocents. There is no reason why babies have to die at the hands of McCain/Palin and every single person who votes for them is just as guilty of murder as every other person who has destroyed the life of a child. So if you are pro life, you damn well better start thinking about ALL life and not just those in your very limited scope. Because those children dying in Iraq, are just as innocent, precious and has every right to breathe and live as those in women's bodies and you need to stop being so hypocritical.

I'm going to church tomorrow, I'm going to go meditate on the children that have been lost in this "war" and I'm going to hope that change is coming and that the first and supposedly more civilized world, will see exactly how disgusting this affair has been and tell assholes like Bush and McCain that this reign of terror is over.

And for clarity, I have no problems supporting military personnel who act honourably, I have a big problem supporting politicians who approve the killing of hundreds of thousands of people for nothing more than greed and the people that support that ideology, whether willingly or blindly.

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A New Day

May 21st, 2008 (08:49 am)

Well, I'm still feeling very overwhelmed, but it seems things are getting a bit more settled. Chris went into Project Manager mode and started getting things taken care of. I think he realises that when I have so much on my plate, I tend to shut down. However, we have one of the girls from church coming over on Friday to discuss a possible job dog walking and occupying Nelson three days a week after school til just before dinner. Chris wrestled his parents into watching the kids in the meantime for some important appointments and lessons coming up, I think they're feeling a bit guilty about forcing me to go to this baby shower. I'm not saying it's all better (I wish things wrapped up that nicely), but we have a temporary fix for the time being. 

Many many many thanks for all your love and support. I felt awful yesterday and didn't want to respond, but it really did mean a lot to me to get that support on such an awful day.

Oh and some more good news. Nelson is a chipper little lad today. :)

joysterlicious [userpic]


November 20th, 2007 (08:51 am)

Yes, I'm Christian, I'm born in Canada, and I'm saying Happy Holidays!!! Why? Because I'm so friggin tired of every.single.year some uneducated bunch of "Christians" bitch and moan that because some people and institutions say Happy Holidays, that they're somehow oppressed or prevented from saying Merry Christmas. These usually are the same type of people who think their marriages will somehow be diminished because gays and lesbians are allowed to wed, and they're usually the same types who blow a gasket over the use of X in lieu of Christ.

For those who need a refresher, as much as we'd like to think that the Bible is wholly inspired by God, lets remember it's been written by men, men who have had agenda's to promote Christiannity in very specific ways. The time we celebrate Christmas, when Jesus was born, is widely thought to be a few months off from his actual birthdate. Now as cool as it would be to have Christ be a Capricorn, a lot of very educated and studious people think he might very well have been born in spring...maybe a Taurus, or god forbid an Aries! So why are we celebrating XMAS now? Because of that agenda a whole bunch of shriveled bunch of old men way back when had. They wanted converts, willing and not so willing. Many of them had to contend with Pagans, who celebrate holidays in accordance (a lot of the time) with the flow of the seasons, Earth and plantings. Has anyone heard of Solstice? Well Winter Solstice is usually somewhere at the start of the 20's in December. It symbolises the shortest day of the year (in terms of daylight) not much to celebrate, but there is, because once you're over that day, the days start to get longer, OR, light comes to Earth. Does that sound familiar to any Christians out there? Presents are shared, green foliage is brought indoors, lights are lighted, trees decorated. These are NOT Christian traditions, they were co-opted, or stolen in order to draw in Pagan masses. So the next time you're about to blow your stack over a Holiday Tree, think about the Pagans and how they might have felt about their traditions, being not so nicely shared in order to try and get them away from their holiday and over to ours.

Next! Let's talk about the blame game. A lot of people like to point this whole happy holiday stuff at immigrants and just brown people in general. You know what? Give me a freakin' break. Do you think the people who are calling the shots are brown? If so, you guys better worry about a hell of a lot more than whether your the Xmas tree is called a Holiday Tree or not. Your bigotted hinies would be in a lot more trouble than having a tree renamed. Somewhere down the line, someone-likely white-considerately thought..."You know, Christmas isn't the only holiday celebrated now, wouldn't it be great if we included everyone?" Scandalous isn't it? The ideal of SHARING, at this time of the year!!! Okay, Joy to other Christians...WE DO NOT HAVE A MONOPOLY ON THE MONTH OF DECEMBER!!! 

Where am I? Shit, only 55 more minutes to rant. (More typos to follow!) Oh, the persecution. Oh Lordy, if I have to listen to one more person born and raised in Canada scream about religious persecution because some people chose to use the term Happy Holidays, I'm going to go into labour. What a bunch of spoiled, privileged, whiny, babies. Have these people never picked up newspaper? Read a book? Listen to a radio? Are they truly down in bunkers waiting for the end of the world and totally closed off? Guys! C'mon, you're not persecuted or oppressed in any way shape or form because you don't have that monopoly on December. There are plenty of examples in the modern world, this day and age  where people are persecuted for their religion. You can pick a number of countries and go complain about not having the words Merry Christmas plastered everywhere, and see what kind of lovely 4 star establishment they throw you in. They'll even provide one hell of a massage free of charge!!! However if that's not enough, as a fellow Hussy mentioned, take a look at Imperial Rome, then you might get an ideal of what persecution is. Although if she had her druthers, she'd send you back there...I might be more merciful...sometimes....depends on how much coffee I have in my system. People saying Happy Holidays is not preventing you from saying Merry Christmas. People having holiday parties does not prevent you from having christmas parties, same goes with trees, gifts, services. I have yet to see anywhere in Canada with concrete evidence that someone has been prevented from celebrating Christmas.

Okay, lastly. Guys, this is Christmas. I'm a Christian. Christmas actually brings a lot of guilt for me, because I'm feeling bad about 90% of the population on this planet who are not sitting in warm homes, typing on their computers, enjoying tea and ready to rip the heads off of some of my fellow Christians. But the time is not about guilt, we are supposed to be celebrating the birth of a person who is supposed to inspire us to be kind, gentle, SHARING with our fellow humans. Peace is supposed to be a major theme, and while I really need to rant, I'm going to try as hard as I can to forgive every nasty, grouchy word I've heard on the subject this year and in years past. What's more, I'm going to try and find ways to share my good fortune with others, and map out a plan to raise a significant amount of money next year to donate to a specific cause. Something I hope will become a new tradition in our family, ideally replacing the six billion stocking stuffers and gifts that we don't really use. In case anyone missed it, this is not a time to be up in arms with people for whatever reason. Hell, if people fighting in various wars can lay down their arms for the day, we can surely open our hearts up to the spirit of the season and drop our fears of other cultures and religions and live and let live. Or even better, learn about other cultures, invite them into your homes. I've put plenty of non-christian friends to work in my home lately getting ready for christmas (the great hostess that I am). But just as I would be honoured to celebrate a very important religious event with them, I can't see too many reasonable people from any culture or religion having a cow at coming to my Christmas parties. And if so, so what? More leftover shortbread for me. Think about the person who's birth you're celebrating. Do you think he's having a cow over the term Happy Holidays? I doubt it, and if he isn't, why are you?

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October 29th!

October 29th, 2007 (09:40 am)

current mood: happy

Today were very important days in my life. 36 years ago, a little squawking baby was delivered after a few short hours of labour. He came out making noise and has never really stopped. *g* But he was raised to be a brilliant, caring and most gentle person I've ever know, someone I was lucky to meet 14 years ago and who has been the biggest part of my life ever since. He's got a couple creases around his eyes and I can actually spot a grey hair or two, but his sharp intelligence, love for life, vitality and absolute insane sense of humour hasn't diminished a bit, and I doubt they have diminished since the day he was born.

2 years ago, the biggest part of my life had to share the spotlight, which he does most graciously for the littlest but other biggest part of my life. He came into the world quietly, but soon decided to voice his opinion on our Prime Minister loud enough so that everyone in the Maternity ward could hear him. We knew then that he was truly a piece of us and ever since has brought such joy to our life. From him being a little squirmy babe with the ability to only kick his legs-with much gusto I might add, to him now being a full fledged toddler who tries to see how high he can scale anything...every day! It's hard to believe it's been two years, they've flown by and I wish they'd last longer, but I'm loving the little character he's growing up to be and am very thankful for October 29th for delivering my two favourite crazy guys in the world!

Now, the truly scary thing was, was that last night I has some mega contractions, turns out they were only Braxton Hicks, but holy smokes, it was getting pretty creepy there for a secon.

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